10 Questions Businesses Must Ask When It Comes to Equipment Maintenance

10 Questions Businesses Must Ask When It Comes to Equipment Maintenance

The proper maintenance and repair of electronic equipment are crucial to getting daily chores completed. A broken computer system, telephone, or maybe fax machine is able to result in hours of lost efficiency. In case a slice of healthcare products, like an MRI or CT, is bad for any lengthy length of time, it is able to cost you a company a huge number of dollars in lost earnings. Every single year, countless dollars are erroneously expended on serious equipment maintenance contracts. Given the modern economic environment, it’s much more critical than ever for small businesses to know precisely how their electronic gear maintenance budget dollars will be spent.

Below are the 10 top questions companies of any nature and size must be asking about their equipment maintenance expenditures:

1. Has a comprehensive contract analysis been performed to make certain the business is getting probably the very best service choices for each piece of gear?

2. Was a comprehensive proposal, which contains an equipment schedule specifying equipment types, present expenditures when compared with the recommended reduced cost structure, amounts of coverage, cancellation conditions, plus eligibility dates for gear to be incorporated in the system given on the company?

3. Does the company have ONE contract with a universal expiration date, which entails the upkeep of different bits of electronic equipment?

4. Does the company have a chance to access highly trained engineers who are offered 24×7 to help answer technical questions simply?

5. Does the company receive administrative and system assistance, which relieves employees of the administrative burden regarding tracking service events and also invoice processing?

6. Does the company have a chance to access real-time online reporting that manages gear schedules, service provider efficiency, then claim status, just to name just a few?

7. Is the company happy with the amount of service gotten from Original Equipment Manufacturer or maybe Independent Service Organizations?

8. If the company is unhappy, can there be a function to alter service providers without being penalized?

9. If an alternate service provider is ideal, does the company have a chance to access a seller database which has a huge number of service providers to select from at their fingertips?

10. Will be the business sure the service provider’s fees are suitable to the fix, or maybe maintenance received, or maybe that warranty work is acknowledged?

In case you answered “NO” to the Top ten Questions above, there’s a substitute for the restrictive and costly ISO or OEM service contracts. You can contact an equipment maintenance management program service provider for a totally free evaluation of your current electrical equipment service contracts, which ensures cost savings and several benefits at no extra cost.